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Thread: someone wanna put together an "about PM Dawn" page

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    We need a good one for the website...

    we have this so far but it needs to be trimmed down a re-worded for an "about" page http://www.pmdawnonline.com/faq.html

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    hell come to think of it lets update the FAQ while we're at it

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    i'll give it a shot. Ya want it to just be black and white like the old one, or what? tell me whatcha want and i'll get workin' on it.


    "that's pretty deep stuff. that's not, 'yo yo yippy yo yo bling bling, smack a bitch.'"
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    just do it im simple text we'll pretty it up later

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    so what about the updated faq? should i just use what ya have right now, or wait for whatever these updates are?

    "that's pretty deep stuff. that's not, 'yo yo yippy yo yo bling bling, smack a bitch.'"
    "when i eat chicken nuggets....they don't look like they're in pain...but i believe that they were.."

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    update the FAQ itself with what we know

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    shit I've been posting under the admin account

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    heres the FAQ lets add and change what needs to be updated

    A...General Information

    1...Who is PM Dawn?

    1a...Prince Be

    Born Attrell Cordes, Prince Be is the oldest of the two brothers
    (b. 15 May 1970). He provides the majority of the vocals for PM Dawn.
    For some reason, he is also the more recognizable member of the duo.

    1b...DJ Minute Mix

    Jarrett Cordes (17 July 1971), the younger of the two brothers,
    writes and performs most of the music for PM Dawn.

    JC: "We both work on production together, Prince Be goes off on vibes
    and writes the songs, then sings me the melodies and I come up with beats
    and tracks. That's pretty much my role; producer/co-producer. We really
    produce the music together."

    Hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey (their step-father was a
    member of Kool And The Gang), their backgrounds were shrouded
    in tragedy. Their real father died of pneumonia when they were children,
    and their brother Duncan drowned when he was two years old. They came
    from a highly musical family - 10 of their aunts and uncles were rappers
    and DJs in the genre's early days in the 70s, when Prince Be started rapping as a youngster at family parties. They were equally influenced by 60s pop and duly incorporated harmonies in their work.

    2...What's Daisy Age Soul?

    Daisy Age Soul is the rumored moniker that PM Dawn had recorded their demos under, (including "Check The Logic") before getting signed to Gee Street Records. Later refuted by Prince Be himself, who said they never did produce anything under this name. They simply were known as Prince Bee & DJ MinuteMix.

    3...What does "PM Dawn" mean?

    It is meant to indicate "the transistion from dark to light". Or, directly from Prince Be, "PM Dawn is an abbreviation of the idea that in the darkest hour comes the light."

    4...What was PM Dawns first hit?

    While "Ode To A Forgetful Mind" was their first released single, "A Watcher's Point Of View" was the first song to chart. It broke into the UK Top 40 in 1991. They wouldn't find success in the US, however, until the release of "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss", where it broke into the Hot 100 and rose to be the #1 single in the country according to Billboards Pop and R&B charts.

    5...Where does PM Dawn record their music?

    Bliss Studios, their own private studio in Jersey City, NJ.



    1..."Of The Heart, Of The Soul and Of The Cross: The Utopian Experience" (HSC)

    1a... Tracklisting:
    1. Intro
    2. Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine
    3. Paper Doll
    4. To Serenade A Rainbow
    5. Comatose
    6. A Watcher's Point Of View (Don't 'Cha Think)
    7. Even After I Die
    8. In The Presence Of Mirrors
    9. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
    10. Shake
    11. If I Wuz U
    12. On A Clear Day
    13. The Beautiful

    2..."The Bliss Album...? Vibrations Of Love And Anger And The Ponderance Of Life And Existance”

    1. Intro
    2. When Midnight Sighs
    3. Plastic
    4. The Ways Of The Wind
    5. To Love Me More
    6. Almost Nothing (For The Love Of Destiny)
    7. Norwegian Wood
    8. Beyond Infinite Affections
    9. Looking Through Patient Eyes
    10. Filthy Rich (I Don't Wanna Be)
    11. More Than Likely
    12. The Nocturnal Is In The House
    13. When It's Raining Cats And Dogs
    14. I'd Die Without You

    3..."Jesus Wept" (JW)

    1. Intro
    2. Downtown Venus
    3. My Own Personal Gravity
    4. I'll Be Waiting For You
    5. Forever Damaged (The 96th)
    6. Apathy...Superstar?
    7. The Puppet Show
    8. Silence...Recorded At The Gravesite Of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    9. Why God Loves You
    10. Miles From Anything
    11. The 9:45 Wake-Up Dream
    12. Soncheynne
    13. A Lifetime
    14. Sometimes I Miss You So Much
    15. Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto: 1999/Once In A Lifetime/Coconut

    4..."Dearest Christian, I am So Very Sorry For Bringing You Here. Love, Dad. " (DC)

    1. Music for Carnivores
    2. Art Deco Halos
    3. Being So Not for You (I Had No Right)
    4. Misery in Utero
    5. If I Could Be Your Star
    6. Yang: As Private I's
    7. Screaming at Me
    8. I Hate Myself for You
    9. No Further Damage
    10. Hale-Bopp Regurgitations
    11. Faith in You
    12. Broken
    13. [Untitled Track]

    5..."The Best of PM Dawn" (BoPM)

    1. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss [Radio Edit]
    2. Paper Doll
    3. I'd Die Without You
    4. Looking Through Patient Eyes
    5. The Ways of the Wind
    6. Downtown Venus
    7. Sometimes I Miss You So Much
    8. Gotta Be... Movin' on Up
    9. Being So Not for You (I Had No Right)
    10. Faith in You
    11. A Watcher's Point of View [Don't 'Cha Think] [Todd Terry's Hard House Mix]
    12. The Ways of the Wind [Main 7"]
    13. Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine [CJ Macintosh 7" Edit]
    14. Gotta Be...Movin' on Up [Morales Radio Edit]

    6..."F*cked Music"* (FM)

    1. Intro
    2. Insufficent Fundz
    3. Air
    4. Be B*st*rd
    5. Stay Away From Me
    6. In My Dreamz
    7. Slowly but Surely
    8. Trying Timez
    9. Blasphemy
    10. Don't Make Me Lie To You
    11. I Can See Myself
    12. Superstition
    13. Being Nowhere
    14. Hope
    15. Bonus Track: Uoy Rof Flesym Etah I

    6b...What were the circumstances surrounding this release?

    This album was made by PM Dawn without the help of anyone
    from the outside. There was no marketing, no record label and no
    financing provided by anyone other than PM Dawn. It was to be an
    album "for the fans". After running into some problems regarding
    samples, the album was pulled from future sale.

    7..."Unreleased"* (UN)

    1. Medley Mine Mind
    2. A Tale Of An Unexplained Soul
    3. Sacrificial Blue
    4. Savannah-ville
    5. The Confidence In Dead Crickets
    6. May U Always Drink Bizzare
    7. U, Me, The Vibe, Electric
    8. Love Is All That Matters To Me
    9. To Love & Hate... Seriously
    10. Lonely... I Could Be With You Forever

    8... Other Appearances

    9... Remixes

    9a. Of PM Dawn songs...

    9b. By PM Dawn...

    10..."P.M. Dawn:The Video Collection" (TVC)

    1. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
    2. Paper Doll
    3. Reality Used to be a Friend of Mine
    4. I'd Die Without You
    5. Plastic
    6. Looking Through Patient Eyes
    7. Ways of the Wind
    8. Ways of the Wind (cash money mix)
    9. Downtown Venus
    10. Sometimes I Miss You So Much
    11. I Had No Right
    12. More Than Likely


    C...Miscellaneous Information

    1..."What samples have PM Dawn used in their songs?"

    "True" - Spandau Ballet............................................ ..........."Set Adrift On A Memory Bliss"
    "Father Figure" - George Michael........................................"Lo oking Through Patient Eyes"
    "I Had a King" - Joni Mitchell.......................................... ...."Ways Of The Wind"
    "Hush" - Deep Purple............................................ .............."Downtown Venus"
    "Four 0' Clock In The Mornin" - The Hassles......................."My Own Personal Gravity"
    "Pacific" - 808 State............................................. ..............."I'll Be Waiting For You"

    2..."Why is this "So On and So On" song listed on my CD jacket, but not actually on the
    album (TBA)?"

    3..."Why can't I find FM or UN in stores?"

    FM/UN was sold briefly (about a month) on pmdawn.net.
    It was never made availible in stores.

    4..."Why did they stop selling FM/UN on pmdawn.net?"

    4a..."Can I still get a copy of FM/UN?"

    Unfortunately, no. If you didn't order and receive the cds from
    pmdawn.net at the end of 2000, then you missed the boat.

    5..."Who is this Christian referred to in the album title DC?"

    Prince Be's son.

    6..."Are PM Dawn still around?"

    YES! They are still together making music after 14 years.

    7..."When will there be another PM Dawn album?"

    Probably sometime mid-2002.

    8..."Will it have any of the tracks from FM/UN?"

    Maybe one or two (which tracks they will be is unknown at this time).

    9..."What happened with KRS-One / De La Soul?"


    D...PM Dawn On The Internet

    1..."Are either members of PM Dawn on the internet?"

    Prince Be has been known to pop up from time to time on a message board
    affiliated with a fan site (which is widely considered to be the unofficial "official"
    web site for PM Dawn).

    2..."Is there a fan community? Where can I reach them?"

    There are fan forums at:

    (the latter of which is meant to be a replacement for the former).

    3..."What's PM Dawn's policy on MP3s?"

    It seems that PM Dawn are not fans of MP3s. When FM/UN was released,
    Prince Be made his intentions clear by expressing his desire for the tracks to
    not be encoded to MP3 and made availible on Napster (when it was still around).
    Doing a search today in any other MP3-acquiring system, you will find that most
    of PM Dawns tracks have been blocked from download due to copyright restrictions.

    4..."What about rare/live stuff?"

    Well, it seems there arent many live or rare tracks out there in the first place so
    at this time, it isn't safe to assume that PM Dawn are for or against live music trading.
    PM Dawn (like most music acts) do not allow their concerts to be recorded.
    Most rare tracks were included with FM/UN (see above for PM Dawns stance on
    "acquiring" these tracks).

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    okay. i'll get workin on it soon.

    "that's pretty deep stuff. that's not, 'yo yo yippy yo yo bling bling, smack a bitch.'"
    "when i eat chicken nuggets....they don't look like they're in pain...but i believe that they were.."

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