So, at some point I picked up the double LP of the Utopian Experience. This is in a big gatefold LP cover and has the different front graphics like I found on the Japanese CD release. BUT, I picked this up because it had some extra tracks that I did not have. Basically the first LP is the normal album. The second LP has the extras. Here is the listing:

C1 Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine (U.S. Mix).wav
C2 Ode to a Forgetful Mind (The More Than Words Mix).wav
C3 To Serenade a Rainbow (Mr Love's Theme).wav
D1 Twisted Mellow.wav
D2 For the Love of Peace.wav
D3 Paper Doll (Flute Mix).wav
D4 Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine (Ultimatum Remix).wav

Funny thing about the run-out etching is that the second LP has "MARK'S THE EXCHANGE" on both sides (it is not on the first LP). The last track on side D is the "Ultimatum Remix" - that is the same remix name from the first release of Ode to a Forgetful Mind - and that is the other vinyl that was etched with MARK'S and THE EXCHANGE.

Oh, GeeStreet decided to spell Forgetful with one L on this LP. BUT, they omitted the track "For the Love of Peace" on the back cover track listing (but it made the "limited Edition" sticker on the front where they listed the extras).

The extra mixes are interesting and will add a little more variety to my ipod. I did not bother to rip the first LP since it does not look to be any different than the CD.

BTW, the CD that looks similar to this has the following extra songs:
14 Ode to a Forgetful Mind (The More Than Words Mix)
15 Twisted Mellow
16 For the Love of Peace
17 Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine (U.S. Mix)