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Thread: PM Dawn in class

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    PM Dawn in class

    I'm taking a virtual class called "A Survey of Hip Hop" this semester. Today my professor showed these slides. I guess it's no big deal, but I was excited when I saw Dearest Christian on my screen. So I took quick screen shots to share. Note: the "dope song" message in the chat room was posted during the Set Adrift clip, not the You Can't Touch This clip.

    I hope everyone is doing well. I'll be back next semester when my class schedule is less demanding.

    "that's pretty deep stuff. that's not, 'yo yo yippy yo yo bling bling, smack a bitch.'"
    "when i eat chicken nuggets....they don't look like they're in pain...but i believe that they were.."

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    I can't believe that's a virtual class!
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    That's super cool!!
    “Sometimes we just need someone to show us something we can’t see for ourselves.”

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    Damn straight! Did you know MC Hammer purchased a chicken ranch with some of the money he made from Can't Touch This? This is no shit - tru story.
    Never burn your bridges while you're standing on them...

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    i took rock and roll history online like this.

    strangely enough, we had a section on New Jack Swing.

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