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Thread: Pitch Correction Technology

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    Pitch Correction Technology

    I just stumbled a demo of a pitch correction app called Melodyne. I simply can't believe what I'm seeing/hearing. They say that you can actually reach into a chord, and alter the individual notes in a chord! It's like MIDI, but you're working with an audio recording. Are y'all musicheads familiar with this?

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    Shhhh! you'll get yourself shot !!! change your name and leave home!
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    I have just found a way into my singing career. Thanks jak!
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    that is freaking amazing

    I'm in awe.

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    Yeah, that version just came out. That's some crazy engineering to figure out how to do that. It bottles the mind.
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    Been using Melodyne for YEARS! First bugged Be out with it before "Amnesia" came out. Wouldn't touch a vocal without it.

    However, the new version that changes chords is BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!
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