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Thread: Roll VIP Style to see PM Dawn July 12

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    Roll VIP Style to see PM Dawn July 12

    As posted on Myspace by Stage Live
    See www.myspace.com/stagelive

    - - - PLEASE REPOST - - -

    3 chances to go VIP!

    STAGE LIVE will be running this contest to help spread the word about the upcoming JULY 12TH concert in Massillon @ The Lions Lincoln Theater!

    WHAT YOU WIN... 3 pair of VIP packages will be given away on Friday - June 13th right here on MySpace... The winners will be picked by each of the supporting acts Breakline & GmonE, also the host of the show Freddy B will be giving a VIP package away!!!

    WHAT YOU GET... You will be granted access to the event 1 hour before the doors open, to hang out with all the performers in our VIP lounge (includes food & beverage), as well as front row seats to the concert!!!

    WHAT YOU DO... What you need to do is simple... Place STAGE LIVE MySpace profile on your top friends list & insert the banners on your page advertising this show! (located at the bottom of this bulletin)... You must keep STAGE LIVE's profile on your top friends & banners up during the duration of the contest to be eligible to win. Let the us know your supporting the show by dropping a line on our comments or by sending us a e-mail to: timdebos@sssnet.com

    TICKETS GO ON SALE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC SOON! Confirmed ticket outlets are: Massillon Cable TV, The Hamption Inn of Massillon, & The Lions Lincoln Theater Box Office, Canton Music Center & John Georges.

    Tim @ STAGE LIVE
    http://www. myspace. com/stagelive

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    Pfft. Already done the VIP thingy with the fellas. But does the prize include flights to the states? If so, I'm entering this contest
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    No it does not include flights... sorry!

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    July 12th is Josh's birthday!
    So patience... is nothing...

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