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Thread: happy new year everyone

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    king of useless info syxxpm's Avatar
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    happy new year everyone

    hope all your new years wishes and resolutions come true

    hope jam on it buys ben a yacht with painted steps
    hope chiefs store puts sleepys out of business...hope his son grows up to be just like him muwhahahahahahaha

    hope be gets his sight back.....hope his sample clearences go real smooth too...
    hope greg wins the world heavyweight title....and then forms desploogeration x

    hope hax takes over ibm and msn ....and actually makes them work properly

    hope everyone else gets where they want/need to be in life and i hope that hope works for you...

    my new years resolution ...is for it to be 2007.....(hey im not picky)
    the vibe says syxx so let it be syxx......

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    I've got that on vinyl. DJ Detroit Butcher's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by syxxpm View Post
    my new years resolution ...is for it to be 2007.....

    I second everything Syxx said yall.
    Keep your headphones on.

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