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Thread: Cedar Point's New Ride for '07

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    Cedar Point's New Ride for '07

    Today Cedar Point announced their new ride for 2007, It will be called the Maverick. It is an Intamin ride (like Dragster and Millennium Force) that has a 100 foot drop on it. It's got some cool inversions and a nice layout. It will feature a 95-degree first drop, a first ever twisted horseshoe curve, and a 70-mph second launch from a 400 ft. tunnel. All for the low low price of $21 Million (3rd most expensive ride at Cedar Point). I'll be checking this out next May.

    I love the summer months!

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    whooa! I'm going to have to go to cedar point for 4 days next summer.

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    Looks great! Lots of airtime!

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