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Thread: Another case solved by the Plus & Minus Detective Agency...

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    Another case solved by the Plus & Minus Detective Agency...

    I don't know if anyone remembers this, or didin't care to. but on a couple of occasions I have been dancing around in search of a movie from my past and was hoping if anyone found the answer.

    But this morning I was watching the Flix Channel and there it was. The film was called "Burnt Offerings" and starred Karen Black, Oliver Reed and the late Bette Davis. Of course it wasn't as carry as it was when I saw it as a kid. (We didn't have cable, let alone a satelite dish at the time, the latter hadn't come into being circa 79-80, therefore nothing else was on) But to this day the smiling chauffer with the shades scarred my mind to this day.
    And who can forget the transforming house? Now how creepy is that. I'll that this movie, Carrie, and the original Night of the Living Dead, over the today's Horror films anyday.
    All right, you might have me on "See No Evil" that looks like it's good. and there's a new movie that I saw awhile ago on WWE RAw which seems to make the Blair Witch Project look like an afterschool special. I can't remember the name of it right now.

    Well I think I've taken enough of your time. I still have to get back to my book, which is going very well. Just had to change the first chapter for the Umpteenth time.


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    I always wanted to say that.
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    I can't help but think this is one of those wacky mystery's by Encyclopedia Brown. Of course i am way the heck off on this....but...gosh darnit it....it seems so very Encyclopedia Brown-ish.....
    I do not suppose I shall be remembered for anything. But I don't think about my work in those terms. It is just as vulgar to work for the sake of posterity as to work for the sake of money.

    Orson Welles

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