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Thread: syxxpm got inspected by osha and dtr and passed

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    syxxpm got inspected by osha and dtr and passed

    my film lab got an A( i think this was the dtr grade i doubt osha grades stores like say... a term paper) and i was told i had the second cleanest/ least hazardous lab(walgreens stores) in the entire state of NJ(hillsdale was first,,ill get you steve galvin lol)...(it pays to spend 4 hours with a bottle of spitfire/ a sponge and some pinesol the night before (hehehe) (word of the inspection leaked so me and my merry crew polished the lab to a radiant sheen).... so on the brightside i passed my 06 inspection and can breathe easy until 07...unfortunately having the cleanest lab doesnt mean i have the most productive lab i ranked about 11th out of 24 stores in NJ in sales....so im kinda like a model(looks),,with no talent(sales)...which makes me jessica simpson!..

    also my store manager obliterated his knee(torn acl miniscus and quad OH MY!)
    and they couldnt give him surgery yet so they shot A BIG ASS CORTIZONE FILLED NEEDLE INTO HIS KNEE....and put him on some medicine that techinically they give people with lupus(they turn into wolves)...K I D D I N G...... its some pain killer that turns your body on but shuts your brain and your nerves off....just like halcyion...dont know the name..so hes limping and giddly shitfaced the last i saw him...not to mention that big ass knee brace....

    and my store has an inventory on april 4th yay,....good times.....(not)
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    Well, I'm glad you passed the inspection with flying colors!

    Although the needle in the knee sounds totally...ewww...
    “Sometimes we just need someone to show us something we can’t see for ourselves.”

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    Nice one !
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    congrats syxx!
    Keep your headphones on.

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    inventory is the worst.

    but congrats on the inspection!

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