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Thread: Acoustic Tunes Help

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    you can play all that stuff BRian221? I make my own music. Try making
    your own stuff.

    I have recently gotten into playing other musician's stuff. But It's mostly by
    ear because most music you buy at the store isn't correct.

    Did you know the entire Sting 'Blue Turtles' CD is slightly out of tune and even
    Beatles album SGT Pepper?
    MOst people dont have the ear to tell that but I found out when I tried
    to play by ear.

    I have some suggestions but whatever songs you like.

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    Bon Jovi has to go, no offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt
    Bon Jovi has to go, no offense.
    I learned that in a deal to get a friend of mine to quite smoking...I can't stand Jovi.

    I've recently began writing some of my own songs...its been a long learning experience...and I never get tabs/etc from stores -- they're almost always wrong...I normally pick stuff up by ear, and ultimate-guitar.com is probably the most comprehensive guitar tab site out there...also mxtabs.net, olga.net.
    I'm not signing this without my lawyer.

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