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Thread: so.. I got the new A-Ha album..

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    so.. I got the new A-Ha album..

    it actually isn't due in the states till 2006...but I got an advanced copy.. its out in other countries..

    wow.. wasn't expecting such a good cd.. in fact, its definantly in my top 5 of the year.. check it out..

    celice is their first single..

    very impressed..

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    ...so I went out and attained an advanced copy myself.

    When I heard Celice, I was pretty damn dissappointed and not very optimistic for what the rest would hold...

    This album is full of oversimple melodies and boring rhythm.

    I really enjoyed "Don't Do Me Any Favors" and "Analogue" -- but couldn't see myself buying this album, and doubt it will get any airplay in the states.


    edit: listened through it again -- "Don't Do Me Any Favors" has some single potential.
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    well, then i think i'll just take a stroll down the street to my program files fol...er...to the uk and pick one up myself!

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