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Thread: Graphic designers.. computer oriented people

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    Graphic designers.. computer oriented people

    okay, I want to do a cd (or dvd) of my photography.. using a flash type program to run the pictures with music going on in the background..

    u know what im talking bouts? i just would like to know of a good program that would help me make this possible.. or any info

    Thanks in advance

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    as much as i don't like powerpoint, it can do what you want. i'm pretty sure you'd have to make every slide on your own. i don't know of a program that automatically makes a slide show out of selected pictures. you could check out whatever they do on those picture cds from the store they give you with your pictures. those do a slide show. i'll look for one and see if i can figure it out.

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    For xp users only, Windows Movie Maker is relatively easy.
    Insert it into your html pages as an object.
    Download.com gives users review and the dll link.
    Hope this helps you out Sdl.
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    Thank yall for the help

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