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Thread: damn ugh

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    damn ugh

    so I managed to get an interview with a big network security company...and kinda blotched the phone screening for a senior level network analyst.

    I was able to tell the chick interviewing me what this *simple* shit means
    • TCP A picks an initial sequence number (A_SEQ) and sends a segment to B containing: SYN_FLAG=1, ACK_FLAG=0, and SEQ=A_SEQ.
    • When TCP B receives the SYN, it chooses its initial sequence number (B_SEQ) and sends a TCP segment to A containing: ACK=(A_SEQ+1), ACK_BIT=1, SEQ=B_SEQ, SYN_FLAG=1.
    • When A receives B's response, it acknowledges B's choice of an initial sequence number by sending a dataless third segment containing: SYN_FLAG=0, ACK=(B_SEQ+1), ACK_BIT=1, SEQ=A_SEQ+1(data length = 0).
    • Data transfer may now begin.
    but I couldn't name off the A B C IP class ranges

    A 1-126 (127 reserved)
    B 128-191
    C 192-223

    and I work with this shit everyday lolugh

    I feel like a damn moron haha, but they did put me down for an interview for the next available security analyst slot, since aparently I suck at networking in the mornings after 13 hours of playing with that shit all night .

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    Chin up; it was good practice. Maybe for something better. Ya, never know.
    Job hunting can be a tough ordeal.
    Stay strong.
    (I had no idea about any of that stuff you just reeled off SH.)
    The Father's letter is for you. His ways are higher than ours. It takes time to grow a seed and bear good fruit. Rebuke the devourer. The battle is the Lord's and He will be victorious.

    If that makes me crazy then that's okay.
    Reverence for the Father and his instructions outweighs all else.
    In all directions, love one another give us grace for agreement with Your will.
    Leaving all else behind us.
    I love you God; show me the real truth not idols.
    Pleading the blood on life and the world all over.
    so be it.

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