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Thread: looking good

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    looking good

    Thanx SaintHax for the new look
    ~Big thumbs up~


    The Father's letter is for you. His ways are higher than ours. It takes time to grow a seed and bear good fruit. Rebuke the devourer. The battle is the Lord's and He will be victorious.

    If that makes me crazy then that's okay.
    Reverence for the Father and his instructions outweighs all else.
    In all directions, love one another give us grace for agreement with Your will.
    Leaving all else behind us.
    I love you God; show me the real truth not idols.
    Pleading the blood on life and the world all over.
    so be it.

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    not done yet either haha

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    I just LOVE this software!
    Tap the lightpole and we'll be jammin all night
    And ain't nobody callin' the cops
    'Cause everybody's here freakin', if they're older they're doin the rock
    And every block from all around
    Comes runnin' to the park when they hear the sound
    And soon the word's spreadin' through our part of town
    "Yo, 40 Park y'all, Jam-On's gettin down"

    Jam-On Productions:Website Forum

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