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Thread: An hour of PM Dawn on the radio.

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    My sister has been invited to host an hour of PM Dawn music on her local campus radio station. Which songs should she play, and why?

    This thread is mostly for fun. I already sent her my suggestions, and I'm sure she will come up with the final list on her own, but if there are any interesting ideas here, I will pass them on to her.

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    I would recommend a mix from the first three albums. I would start off the hour with stuff from PM Dawn that people might know i.e. Set Adriff, Paper Doll, Die Without You. Then I would transistion to the newer stuff that people may not have heard like songs from Dearest Christian, i.e. Music For Carnivores, Misery in Utero.

    I love the summer months!

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    I agree with Louis. Try for as many hits as possible. I would also suggest cover songs, like "Fantasia's Accidental Ghetto" -- which also has a recognizable Schoolhouse Rock sample -- and "Norwegian Wood." Songs that have (nearly) been on soundtracks might also be good, like "If You Never Say Goodbye" from Songs in the Key of X, "Buggin' Out", etc. Songs that any random person may have actually heard.

    The first PM Dawn hit I ever heard was "Reality Used to be a Friend of Mine" -- it got played on the local alternative station and at a dance I went to. That'd be my first pick.
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    Yep, get people to remember p.m. dawn and how great and timeless there stuff is then give them a taste of what they missed when they started falling through the cracks commercially.
    Paper doll
    Set adrift on memory bliss
    Looking through patient eyes
    I'd die without you
    Music for carnivores
    Yang: As private I's
    Art deco halos
    Fantasias confidential ghetto

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    who the hell is this post menstrual ray dawn chong you speak of???

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    Just for fun, I thought I would tell you what I *DID* play: Paper doll, Plastic, Being so not for you, 9:45 wake up dream, to love and hate...seriously, I hate myself for you, If I could be your star.

    The show went really well, and most importantly I have answered the question of "What would Alix do if she were given absolute power over a radio station for 1 hour?"


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