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Thread: Coz .... tell me u copyrighted the phrase ....

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    Originally posted by ETHERSPIN@Nov 2 2004, 08:03 PM
    push the button
    Wasn't my phrase to trademark, Though now I'm sorry I didn't try.

    I borrowed the phrase from a song by the same name from an old Broadway play called "Jamaica". My moms used to play the album alot when I was growing up.

    Hopefully they sampled my shit.

    THANX TIM!!!
    Tap the lightpole and we'll be jammin all night
    And ain't nobody callin' the cops
    'Cause everybody's here freakin', if they're older they're doin the rock
    And every block from all around
    Comes runnin' to the park when they hear the sound
    And soon the word's spreadin' through our part of town
    "Yo, 40 Park y'all, Jam-On's gettin down"

    Jam-On Productions:Website Forum

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