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Thread: reached a small goal of mine tonight

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    200 days of server uptime

    root@sv1 [~]# w
    12:59am up 200 days, 17 min, 1 user, load average: 0.21, 0.05, 0.02
    admin pts/1 fw2.gnax.net 12:58am 0.00s 0.08s 0.02s w
    root@sv1 [~]#

    almost makes me want to cry

    top that Coz with you're OS-Crap :fawkdance:

    we have a G4 server here, I have to go kick it about once a month, sometimes twice :rofl:

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    What flavor of Linux? (or is it a solaris box?)

    Our perforce (source control) server is a solaris 8 box that I had to kick last month. The last time it was rebooted before that was in october of 2002. Now that is some uptime.

    there we go, just right. keep walking...

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    It's a Redhat 8 system, only Solaris 8 box we have left is acting as our firewall for the internel office network, it goes a few months without a reboot. It's very picky though, it freaks out if we unplug the keyboard and the only keyboard it wants is it's Sun keyboard. I'm willing to bet we have some servers breaking a year of uptime, but considering they're web servers then they've got a ton of security holes from the lack of updates and reboots to apply new kernels. That's an example of the customer that doesn't know what they're doing, they buy a server and thing "oh boy I can sell hosting" and never touch security updates, kernels, etc...some of them aren't even aware they need to do that kinda stuff.

    A few years ago I upgraded a Novell server to a windows system, it had 534 days of uptime. It was an internal fileserver for a church on a little battery backup that may have gave it 10-15 mins of backup time.

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    the little server that could
    I've got amnesia.. I can't remember..

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    Originally posted by SaintHax@Oct 8 2004, 01:14 AM

    top that Coz with you're OS-Crap :fawkdance:

    we have a G4 server here, I have to go kick it about once a month, sometimes twice :rofl:
    Yeah? YEAH???

    Well, how many hit records have you done on it, huh? HUH? :dabutt:
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