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Thread: Rufus Wainwright

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    "Want Two" on November 16th.

    I know a few people here dig him too, so I thought I'd letcha know...

    I just don't end up where think I'm going when I start out.

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    cool.. lookin forward to it..

    not too sure about the songs titled "Gay Messaiah".. but other than those types.. i'll dig it.

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    oooh, i didn't know that. i'll have to find it.

    "that's pretty deep stuff. that's not, 'yo yo yippy yo yo bling bling, smack a bitch.'"
    "when i eat chicken nuggets....they don't look like they're in pain...but i believe that they were.."

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    Gay Messiah is a good tune. I wasn't so sure about the title on that one as well. The song itself is great. I got an EP with like 4 songs awhile back and it had it on there.

    It's funny because i just printed this news out for my wife today!
    I do not suppose I shall be remembered for anything. But I don't think about my work in those terms. It is just as vulgar to work for the sake of posterity as to work for the sake of money.

    Orson Welles

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