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Thread: George Michael- Patience

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    Okay, So I got the new album and here is my first thoughts on the album. It isnt fully digested, but I got a good feel for it and i'm enjoying it. Here is a review for those interested in someones perception of each.

    George Michael - Patience

    Patience- This piece is a piano vocal song. Mysterious tune with hopeful lyrics. It is a different take on opening an album, that could possibly be his last in terms of releases. This was probably played on John Lennon's piano, so it gives it even more "power" and emotion in the song realizing that. This song lasts just below 3 minutes and although the chords are distant, it gives you a bittersweet feeling.

    Amazing- Although this isn't just a favorite of mine, This track somehow is riding a roller coaster with me. I like it and I don't, and that could possibly mean it has some longevity with my cd player. My relationship with songs should be similar to the great relationships with people. Meaning that things can get rocky and not look to optimistic, but in the end it turned out to be something special and worth it. Very upbeat, and the lyrics are great.

    John and Elvis are Dead - Didn't see this coming. I imagined it as a piano ballad, soulful and emotional... I wasn't too far off, but it wasn't what I expected. It starts off sounding like a sex r&b song, with a filtered harmony that sounds electronic, but George comes in with some insightful lyrics regarding the meaning of meanings. I figured since he "wrote this song on johns piano", we would actually hear the piano, but instead we get some synth sounds and a drum programming. I dig the song because it came out to be something I had not expected, and those types of things in life are worth the time... Nicely done.

    Cars and Trains- This one is one of my favorites, because its nice to drive too. I like his vocals with the drum programming. Its almost 6 minutes and its not too fast or too slow. Another song about the consequences people face. The problem with George Michaels latest efforts are that they are too easily digestible at first.. I cant say yet, but I hope they last in my player.

    Round Here- Another easily likable song at first introduced. The lyrics are somewhat decent, I don't however like the "my daddy got here on a gravy train".. just isn't something I want to sing in a song.. but other than that, its got a nice groove, nothing spectacular so far.

    Shoot The Dog- I think its clear how I feel about this one if you've read anything on the org about that song, its not controversial and I don't care for the song.. If you want to make something political and get attention, don't put a dance beat behind it.

    My Mother Had A Brother- Its clear by the title its a serious song. It deals with him being born while his Mothers brother killed himself in the same day. Its got a great melody, and picks up towards the end. It seemed unstable at first, but it takes a development of a few listens to enjoy it. The melody keeps you listening.

    Flawless (Go To The City)- I don't think I will jam this out with my boys, or anyone for that matter.. It sounds like I should be walking on a runway, or posing for a Revlon commercial. I think its a cool dance song, but this isn't for me.. That "absolutely flawless" is too flamboyant and it will be dated sounding in no time.

    American Angel- I actually like this lazy day song, its another great melody. Obviously he is comfortable with talking about his sexuality and what his wants are, and I respect that. One thing that caught me by the time of this song is that I feel a lack of "real" sounding instruments.. sure their in there, but there is a lot of programming of drums and the lack of "real" feeling throughout his songs.. Its a timeless thing I have with longevity of songs, bear with me.

    Precious Box- Only listened to a few times. So I cant comment on how much I enjoy or dislike it. It actually didn't hit a spark, but that could change by the next time I push play. Its very dance like and clubby sounding, so it didn't naturally grab a hold of me.. I always enjoyed George with real sounding music, like behind an acoustic guitar. So lets get to the next one.

    Please Send Me Someone- Poppy little gem that I enjoy. It has a lot of production to it, so don't expect anything raw, its a lush song that sounds like Phil Collins should do a cameo, but in a good way. Its got good lyrics, and its fun.. defiantly needed by this time in the disk.

    Freeek '04- I got tired of this when I first heard it, but it actually sounds relevant again, and its got a fresh mix to it.. Defiantly something I've played numerous times, and discovered how "nasty" the song really is.. Way to go.! another fun, "one fuck fantasy"

    Through- I really like this one, even the backward blips in the intro and ending. I don't care too much for the synth in it, but dig the "acoustic sound" (Although it doesn't sound like a real guitar.. more of a harp like guitar sound) whatever it is, it sounds good, and the lyrics are fantastic, and something that I needed to hear in my life right now. Its something I needed, and I'm glad he laid this down on the album. Defiantly one of the best songs on the album for me.

    Patience (pt.2) - Instrumental of Patience (First track) Very short and is basically an ending for the album. Its a solo piano piece with a "string" background to it.

    Overall, Its an excellent George Michael album. Its not what I thought it would be, but that isn't a bad thing at all. I expected a lot of more "real" instruments after his project of "Songs From The Last Century" (Which is brilliant). I debated on writing this after hearing it only a handful of times, but it feels right to express how I feel about it on first appearance, and I feel that my feelings might change about each of these songs, but not sure in what way.. That's how it is with his music, the longevity in each of his songs.. Some seem like they could withstand any timeframe, and others don't. I guess only time will tell with these, and the important thing is whether it touches, lets us enjoy, or simply want to have new George Michael music.. Either way I love his music and always will support him. He is a talented musician and he'll always keep me wondering what will come next.

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    just picked it up , so far im digging "Cars and Trains" and "John and Elvis are dead" the most, as for go to the city , i do like what george has added but not the original sample, i reckon he should do the song with a different sample or make some music for it himself.. ill find out in time if i like the other songs, only listened to the whole album once so far
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