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Thread: Pmdawn'rs

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    ever heard the b-side (?) 'if u never say goodbye' ?

    if u havent, eye highley rec. it.. its mad tight

    www.mp3.com/theXodus <--ME!

    "Ultimitely the only one, that can save u is u. Ure God is inside and 4 that God u will do, whatever it takes, if nothing else is true.. The only one that can save you.. is You!!!!" -Prince (The Truth Acoustic Ablum)

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    and for anyone interested - that track can be found pretty easily on the X-Files Original Soundtrack titled "Songs in the Key of X"

    ps - pm also has a wicked mix of the x-files theme on there too - definitely worth the $5 you'll pay for it at a used cd store.

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