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Thread: Tracy Chapman rocks!!!!

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    Warrior of Love Rumi_Philosophie's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Southern Moorish Angel of Harlem

    I cant stop listening to her music esp her first album
    And the times my mind takes a break,it switches to Alicia Keys new album

    I was a little girl when Tracy first came out,so it is like I'm rediscovering her music.

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    Regulator Terrick's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Bloomington, IN

    tell us something we don't know :thumup:

    "that's pretty deep stuff. that's not, 'yo yo yippy yo yo bling bling, smack a bitch.'"
    "when i eat chicken nuggets....they don't look like they're in pain...but i believe that they were.."

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    I've got that on vinyl. DJ Detroit Butcher's Avatar
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    May 2002
    detroit, baby

    Indeed she does rock, especially her first two albums.
    Keep your headphones on.

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    waiting for Spring Louis85's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Pittsburgh, PA

    I LOVE Alicia's new album!
    I love the summer months!

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