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    ok everyone I'm working on installing a new version of the photo gallery software instead of retoring the old one, which means I'm going to have to reupload the images that were there.

    Here's the deal, anyone who wants an album account is more than welcome to have one, just don't let it run wild like the thing with Chief I don't care how much stuff you upload/post but if you link it outside this site it starts to eat up bandwidth and although I get a nice chunk of if for what I'm paying each month there isn't much of a point in wasting it. Chief managed to pull about 1.5GB in 24 hours off of 2 pics in a one month period that would have been 45GB a month, that's one hell of a lot for two pics, almost scarry when I've seen huge business sites with shopping carts and everything barly do 10GB a month.

    So anyway I'm going to install this new version in the next few days, and anyone who wants an account needs to drop a reply in this topic and I'll setup and account and PM you the login info.

    An don't any of you give me crap about "I don't know how to do it bla bla bla" this software is dumbass proof, you login, click new album, then click add photos. It gives you a button to click on then you browse your hard drive for the pic(s) then click upload. You can't screw it up and it's very simple to use, so if you have some pics you'd like to share it will take you every bit of 5 mins to get them on the site. For you more advanced computer users on windows xp it's got a downloadable file that you install and then when you look in a folder on your hard drive that has pics in it you'll have a button to click on that will automaticly upload them to the site for you, you don't even have to open the webpage just pick which pictures you want to send to the gallery and it does it all right in that one window.

    Drop an line if you want an account

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    sounds sweet as hell hax...and again..i apologize for my linking extraviganzas..

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    I would like one. I've got some pics to post!
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    Me too

    I miss my old photo album.


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    ok you three have albums just click on the photo gallery link on the main page of the forum.

    If your username is like "Chief" then you have to logon just as it looks with a capital "C"

    anyone else that wants one just PM me or drop a reply in here

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    I know that I'm one of the n00bs and all, but do you think I can get one?
    Thanks in advance.

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