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Thread: Dearest Christian review..

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    short but sweet! was on Best Buys site.. do people really put these albums in rap/hip hop??

    This album's title is a tribute to Prince Be's newborn son, Christian, through whom Be has experienced his own rebirth. DEAR CHRISTIAN...is an exploration of new territory for a group pegged as the hippies of hip-hop only a few short years before. Nevertheless, PM Dawn put together an album that is more John Lennon (or at least early Lenny Kravitz) than Puff Daddy or LL Cool J. Tracks like "Being So Not For You," "If I Could Be Your Star" and "Screaming At Me" show the depth in Prine Be's songwriting as well as the group's direct focus on fresh-sounding material.

    More pop/R&B than hip-hop, DEAR CHRISTIAN is an album that fights specific genre classification due to the band's many influences. Blues, pop, soul, rock and the sounds of Marvin Gaye and John Lennon reverberate throughout the album's thirteen tracks.

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    derarest christian and pm dawn are a completely new category.. unto themselves
    I've got amnesia.. I can't remember..

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    well put
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