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Thread: yo mo'fuckaz

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    yo mo'fuckaz

    long time, yo.

    shit fucking crushed me when i heard Be passed. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around... I'll Always treasure the time that he spent with me talking shop (music tech shit), but also always droppin' knowledge and discussing his ideas about life and spirituality; though he was always open and humble about it.. much different than other heads in the industry that i've known.

    Just wanted to say I love & miss you, Be. Things haven't been the same without you.

    He always encouraged me with my own productions (and keep in mind, this was someone I'd been influenced by from my pre-teen years!), and I'll always be grateful for the time he spent with me.

    Some of you older cats will remember me.. I hope you're all well!

    Peace, Love, All those good things,


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    long time no see....do you know we have a facebook page now?...pm dawn fans friends and family..most of the forum people are on it along with the cordes family as well.....
    the vibe says syxx so let it be syxx......

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    Hey Atma! Don't know how I missed this thread. We have a PMDawn Online Refugees group on Facebook as well. Post your Facebook (if you have one) and we'll join you up!
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    And soon the word's spreadin' through our part of town
    "Yo, 40 Park y'all, Jam-On's gettin down"

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    My Damn Reservation....

    Hey ATMA!!!! whats up man??? Hope you are well!

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