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Thread: some pics from work

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    ok I was down on the 8th floor for some stuff so I took my camera with me.

    Info: this is out new data center we're building out, the first and now full data center is on the 17th floor on this building and we got additional space on the 8th...I'm sick of riding the elevators everytime something minor happens down there, but they are fast so I amuse myself by jumping on the way down.

    Anyway it's still messy because we're building as we go, but you can get an idea of what it will look like in 6 months when it fills up.

    this pic is looking at the corner where we started building, standing about 15 feet inside the door.

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    this pic is standing across the room and closer to the racks

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    view from the other side of the racks

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    we must be doing something right...

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    this is our Core-B router, this little box and it's cards cost as much as a midsize car. This thing handles about half the traffic for both data centers, if Core-A in the other data center fails this one will take over and route traffic from the other data center till we can fix the problem. There is also a Core-D located across the street in another data center (not ours) that brings in two 1000Mbit connections to the internet and will still backup A and B if they should both fail.

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    This is one of our Layer-3 Switches, these uplink to the routers via 2 1000Mbit fiber optic lines, and they handle the distribution of traffic from the routers to the smaller access switches.

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    this is one of our access switches, these uplink to the Layer-3 switches via a 100Mbit line and distribute traffic to the servers.

    The thing above it is an APC power switch, it's has 8 power outlets on the back and a network card, our customers each have access to their own outlet so if their server crashes they can login and flip the power off and on to that server with just a few clicks.

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    this is a very bare idea of what this mess of chit looks like in techinal layout

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    thanks ofr the tour
    I've got amnesia.. I can't remember..

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