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    what the hell were they texting?BECKHAM'S RAUNCHY TEXT SEX Apr 5 2004

    By Fiona Cummins, Ms Showbiz and Stephen Moyes, Becks Correspondent

    DAVID Beckham and his alleged lover sent each other a series of raunchy text messages.

    Personal assistant Rebecca Loos texted Becks: "When I see u I want to hear u groan and moan. I can't wait."

    Beckham replied: "Don't worry, you will and I want to hear u scream."

    Rebecca worked for sports management company SFX Group and was assigned to look after Beckham in Madrid.

    She left when SFX lost its Beckham contract last December and she was made redundant. By March she had a new job as a PA for a bank boss and she and Becks' were still exchanging explicit text messages.

    Details of their passionate texts are bound to shock Victoria Beckham who once said she would "die of a broken heart" if her husband was ever unfaithful.

    She told chat show host Michael Parkinson in 2001 she had put Beckham through hell when he was suspected of cheating on her when she was pregnant with Brooklyn.

    Victoria said: "It got so bad that one night David said he felt like killing himself."

    Some of the words in their astonishing messages have been edited out because they are too graphic.

    Just a few hours before Beckham helped take Real Madrid to a 1-0 victory over Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

    DB: When you start your job?

    RL: Sign contract next week. Can't stop smiling jumping around.

    DB: Happy for you. If you have any jumping around to do come here.

    RL: Where?

    DB: At the hotel?

    RL: Which?

    DB: Same one as last time - but a lot of Press today might not be a good idea. Maybe next time.

    RL: OK will stop jumping and save it for when I see you and just keep smiling till then.

    DB: OK you need to save all that energy for ****.

    RL: Is it ****?

    DB: Very, very ****, thinking of your **** and the *****.

    RL: Remember the last time your tongue was all over me I have never **** so hard.

    DB: Now I am doing something, thinking about your ****.

    RL: ******* your ****, feeling you **** deep down my ******.

    DB: Can't wait for that. When can we do this and where?

    RL: It's difficult. You know best. Me always free.

    DB: OK, we have to try.

    The day before Real Madrid's 4-2 league defeat by Athletic Bilbao. Beckham instigates texting.

    RL: U made me so horny the other day had nightmare trying to focus. U playing tonight?

    DB: Playing tonight and playing now which is good for me. Glad I can still do that to you.

    RL: That and so much more. When am I going to feel u?

    DB: Where do you want to feel me most?

    RL: Your tongue ** **** ** ***** ****** then softly on my **** **** *** **** **** mouth and you choose from there.

    DB: OK, that's what will happen then. What u doing now?

    RL: Playing with my nipples, waiting for more, enjoying every second.

    DB: Shame I can't hear and see that. Would be nice to join in.

    RL: U can join in any time u want and way u want.

    DB: Where are u, in your bedroom?

    RL: Yes am home alone.

    DB: Can just imagine how *** *** **** u are.

    RL: U should see me, naked with only white cotton G-string.

    DB: Love the sound of that cotton just *** *** *** ***** getting more *** and your *** all nice *** ***.

    RL: Call me then and you'll hear the real sound.

    (Beckham calls Rebecca but hangs up after laughing down the phone)

    RL: Did u hang up or was that me? Was just about to get started!

    DB: Someone just came in my room. S*** I was looking forward to that. Have u any of my stuff that u need bring round to me?

    RL: What sort of stuff, Why, u at hotel? What do u need? I haven't **** yet, u bastard.

    DB: Any stuff u need to bring to the house one night. I am away right now. Just lay back and think of what I done to you and *** ***.

    RL: Sorry for delay but just **** so **** and ****. Am sure I can find something to give u. R u still same house?

    DB: Yes. And I'm sure u have something to give me and am sure it tastes good.

    RL: Well just think about it and when safe etc let me know...just u me in the dark alone... well candlelit dark.

    DB: Not a problem, we will have fun.

    RL: It was nice to hear u laugh. When I see u I want to hear u groan and moan. I can't wait.

    DB: Don't worry, you will and I want to hear u scream.
    I've got amnesia.. I can't remember..

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    fd back me up on this one
    I've got amnesia.. I can't remember..

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    what can i say ...........
    "One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them."
    ~Martin Luther King Jr.

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