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Thread: Wait, what year is it again?

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    Originally posted by The Dude@Mar 10 2004, 03:48 PM
    read it again wino..you will see his position....
    Thank you Chief.

    My rather (though unsuccessfully) sarcastic point is exactly "where do we draw the line"?

    If 2 people who are in love should automaticly be allowed to marry, and gender is not an exception, then what is? Why shouldn't a brother be allowed to marry his sister? After all, we have removed the birth-defect and all child-bearing arguments from the equation with same-gender marriages. First cousins, parent/child, if they're human and in love, what possible argument is left to disallow the marriage?

    As for polygamy, aren't all arguments against it based on religion? Why can't a man love more than 1 woman, or a woman more than 1 man? Hell, why can't a person of any gender love more than 1 person of either or both genders? Why shouldn't the whole group of them be allowed to get married?

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    I can't speak for everyone on my side of things, but religion has NOTHING to do with any of my beliefs on marriage. I am not Christian, I have nothing against anybody's beliefs or lifestyles, Lennon's "Imagine" is my ideal ... but that is just what it is, ideal. As far as I'm concerned, anyone can marry anybody -- no problem there -- in the eyes of God, sure; their friends, sure. But not the government, in this case the states. AND FOR THESE COMMENTS, I'M LEAVING GAY MARRIAGE OUT OF THE EQUATION -- now I'm addressing these other additions to the stream.

    Polygamy -- no, it's not only religious. You have employment benefits, insurance, taxes -- perhaps now is the time for the government to separate itself completely from the benefits of marriage such as inheritance, tax tables, etc. Currently, I sure as hell wouldn't want to work in a company with polygamists who have 12 children and 3 wives (not all that uncommon) -- there is no way I'm going to pay substantially more insurance costs because of someone ABUSING the system as far as I'm concerned. But also ... our CULTURE (role models, CHILDREN). You shouldn't take children out of the equation as easily as that.

    Incest results in increased defects -- simple as that. And when it's a parent and child, there is some manipulation that is plain wrong -- I'm for protecting the children from this absue, because that is what it is. The governemnt should have rules requiring seat belts for our safety ... so they definitely should have rules prohibiting an incredible increase in birth defects. Maybe not for logical and consenting me or you, but for some of the "special" people like this:

    Special $$ Person

    I'm going to stop this rant. Things like this are going to take understanding from both sides -- not assumptions or pure passion ... or sarcasm. There actually might be logical counterpoints to your arguments -- just as there are to mine. I'm all for open-minded discussion, with the acknowledgement that people who have different opinions are not necessarily religious nuts, bigots, etc. There are more than two sides, there are interesting coutnerpoints, this is sticky but worth talking through ...

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