Olio (www.o-l-i-o.com) and RioSoul (r&b/soul band) http://www.riosoul.com have teamed up to
bring you the Eternal Groove Tour. The first concert date is at BB King's
Blues Club in Universal City, CA on Thursday, April 25th 2002. As you know,
we're extremely selective with the night clubs we perform at. We didn't
play many dates in 2001 for that reason. Our goal is to bring you quality
concerts, at prestigious venues with another great band. That means you
won't have sit through junk bands just to hear Olio for only 35 minutes.
Olio and RioSoul will each deliver a spectacular show that's over an hour in
length. The concert will finish around midnight so let's make an evening
out of it. Get dressed up, hire a babysitter (if neededl), grab a date
and/or several friends and join us at BB King's! Help us make history with
the Eternal Groove Tour opening night. Admission is only $5. Showtime is
8:30pm! Don't be late!

What is the Eternal Groove Tour?

Eternal Groove Tour is - ALL LIVE and ALL ORIGNIAL Music Featuring 2 of the
Funkiest BANDS on the Planet
We Are SOUL, We are FUNK, We are R&B....
But most important - WE are FREE to express ourselves
Like only We know how...
Eternal Groove Tour is - All about Independence and Expression
Each BAND has CDs released on it's own Indie Label
Each BAND has it's own Fan Base
And Each BAND has it's own unique Style and Flavor