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i'm greentreee...

long time p.m. dawn listener, but after a head injury in high school, it took years to get caught up on what happened. amnesia was a fitting song to hear, when it came out.

i've always been intrigued by pm. dawn since i first saw them interviewed on rap city on much music as they were doing their media rounds, for the "of the...of the.. of the" cd.

it's nice that this forum exists since i don't know anyone who owns any p.m. dawn cds, except me.

as i've come to learn, getting p.m. dawn cds is not an easy task, at least all the singles, and i haven't found any 'free stuff' online that i don't already own. But i know that life can be funny, and anything can change.

i thought i'd share this link, since i happened to find it the other day while trying to find Sade singles. not sure if anyone has heard this either....

i'm no 50 cent listener either, i'd rather listen Paris, or Public Enemy. I just thought it was odd. and thought i'd share the link.

i suppose i should ask, is there anywhere i could purchase p.m. dawn singles so that the artists themselves get the money?

i have gotten some singles recently, via amazon, and so far "she dreams persistent maybes" is one of my favs...but there are lots. the reason i ask about this, is that when i look for the singles, they are found at separate stores across the U.S. and that makes it very expensive on shipping costs.


sadly i've been a member for 5 years i think...and i don't think i've even introduced myself....

thanks for the music too

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Are you Canadian? Hi!

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Cozmo D
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Welcome! :wave:

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Welcome! :cheers:

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Welcome! Stick around...

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Are you Canadian? Hi!

eh, yes i am.

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hello :wave: