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02-05-2002, 08:49 PM
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He again, sorry if my posts are annoying anyone

this topic has sorta been addressed before coz people always paste their fave PM song lines into messages and of course we all have the albums(well mine were recently stolen!but ill get new copies)
BUt PM Dawn are known by fans 2 produce lyrical poetry of an upcompromising level...

so can u we all put some of our favourite verses by other bands? verses that are similar in greatness 2 pm dawn, verses where the lyrics dont seem made up, they seem like the song was made for em...

OHH and if ya wanna put PM Dawn lyrics... we should strike a deal, for every other band u put a verse for you can put one PM Dawn verse u love!!!!

get busy cool peoples

02-05-2002, 09:40 PM
"we said goodbye, with so much left to say"
"we knew inside we'd find another way"
"we'll have it all, it's not to late to try"


I'm fading away.
I hate that part of me, God knows I'm sorry.
You don't know what its like
tryin to work this with you, knowing I'll just hurt you.

I know that I really do love you, no matter hard I try, I keep slipping away.

-PM Dawn :D

02-05-2002, 09:49 PM
Another music artist that I can never get enough of is Seal. A very talented artist. Here's a verse from my favorite Seal song "Future Love Paradise"

But if only you could see them
you would know from their faces
there were kings and queens followed
by princes and princesses
there were future power people
from the loved to the loveless
shining a light cause they wanted it seen
well there were cries of why followed by cries of why not
can I reach out for you if that feels good to me
and the riders will not stop us
cause the only love they'll find is paradise
paradise yeah.

02-05-2002, 09:52 PM
ok so it's more than a verse, it's the whole song but i think you need it to get the feeling. i don't know it kinda reminds me of "if i could be your star" but this one sort of follows it in my mind, like this is the aftermath of "if i could be your star" not just the metaphors but the storyline too, see it? like an unhappy ending to a precarious beginning. read the lyrics of i could be your star, then read this, it's erie to me.

You're too far away for me to run to
A million galaxies live within you
Why can't I cry my way to your dimension
Or a new dimension not only out of sight and sound but of mind
I'm amazed by night's newest shadows
But if I could feel your moon's good intentions
Venus wants her frown and can not kiss me
So I sympathize with the dark side of the moon inside you

If I could be your parallel
If I could be your one way out
If I could be your vision now
If I could be your star
If I could be a brighter light
If I could comfort you at night
If I could be your star...
If I could be your star

Must I be those rings that surround you
Can I send a satellite to your garden safely
Super nova's fight your emotions
So tell me all your reasons
Tell me why E=MC squared

You invade my space with gravitation
I don't wanna sacrifice
But I'm in orbit
How do all your miles leave you weightless
Can I touch your surface
Or will I burn up in your atmosphere

If I could be your parallel
If I could be your one way out
If I could be your vision now
If I could be your star
If I could be a brighter light
If I could comfort you at night
If I could be your star...
If I could be your star

I could feel your sweet radiation
And with all the space in you I haven't seen you lately
A hundred million light years sit between us
So kill the universe
And tell me where your comets take you

If I could be your parallel
If I could be your one way out
If I could be your vision now
If I could be your star
If I could be a brighter light
If I could comfort you at night
If I could be your star...
If I could be your star


she follows me down to the sound of the sea,
slips to the sand and she stares up at me,
"is this how it happens, is this how it feels?
is this how a star falls? is this how a star falls?"

the night turns as i try to explain,
irresistable attraction and orbital plane.
"or maybe it's more like a moth to a flame?"
she brushes my face with her smile,
"forget about stars for a while."

as she melts.

meanwhile millions of miles away in space
the incoming comet brushes jupiter's face,
and disappears away with barely a trace.

"was that it? was that the jupiter show?
it kinda wasn't quite what i'd hoped for, you know..."
and pulling away she stands up slow,
and round her the night turns,
round her the night turns...

Yeah that was it, that was the jupiter crash.
drawn too close and gone in a flash,
just a few bruises in the region of the splash,
she left to the sound of the sea,
she just drifted away from me.
so much for gravity.

i hope at least one of you know who did this song, liz?

02-05-2002, 11:14 PM
here goes ,

Sittin on your bed , in your head you feel alone, let my love inside, my heart become your home, let your spirit roam in the land of the free where our vibrations blend in blinding unity, where the colours of the rainbow, are out there in full flow, hold on baby, I wont let go , no , i'll never let you go...................... ( "slow it down", verse 3 , written and sung by Tony Mortimer with additional vocals by brian harvey)

or , Walk along the road the view gets no clearer,you think you call in vain but the angels hear ya , from the depths of the darkness,the level of the devil,where the demons wait ,to take control of your soul, its time to rise up,wise up, open ya inner eyes up , find , heaven is a state of mind, the place of no face,no trouble, no care... heavens gonna be there
( "Be There" , rap section, written and sung by tony mortimer of East 17)


Come on , shine the light ,all children of , a promised land, your birth was your right to the realm of dreams that lays at hand, come on and tune into ,the real feelings that turn you on, soundless vibrations, nation elation of ethereal soul... ( Generation XTC , unknown verse number, by East 17(written by tony mortimer, verses sung by brian harvey, raps by t.mortimer)..

ill have more...
hope this post becomes really damn long, its been great so far..
please people MORE!!

btw , if someone hadnt put the seal one i probably wouldve done, he is great!

02-06-2002, 10:10 AM

"Future Love Paradise" by Seal is one of my favorite songs. I have been trying to figure out the lyrics for that song for a long time now. That one has some great lines, as with all of Seal's songs. Plus, he is incredible to see live in concert. I wish he would publish his lyrics.


02-06-2002, 03:46 PM
Ok I don't have the exact lyris so I'm sorry if they are a little off.

As we lay down on the sands of the sea. The shores of antimosity will stand and decree, that we speak not of love..only blasphemy. And in the distance, six others, will curse me. But that's alright..for I will watch them fall.

-'7' by Prince

02-06-2002, 10:33 PM
JMAN you ROCK. I love Seal.

and Jupiter Crash is by The Cure. =)


02-06-2002, 10:48 PM
Thanks Elizabeth. :) I'm looking forward to Seal's new album. Thats if its ever released.

02-07-2002, 10:29 AM
:shock: He's set to release a NEW one!? :o When???

02-07-2002, 01:14 PM
It was supposed to have been released this month. Now its gotten pushed back to June. Although I'm not holding my breath with Warner Bros running the show. Seal should have left those clowns a long time ago.

02-07-2002, 01:45 PM
here are some nifty lyrics

"in a little while from now-if im not feeling anyless sour
i promise my self to treat myself and visit a nearby tower
climbing to the top i throw myself off
in an effort to make clear to who what its like when your love shatters
standing in the lurch near a church where people saying
"my god thats tough she stood himup no point in us remaining
might as well go on decided on my own-alone again-naturally

gilbert o sullivan

from cfk

Cozmo D
02-07-2002, 02:02 PM
Your lyrics are just a little off, but I definitely share your feelings for that song. When "Alone Again Naturally" came out when I was a kid, I would almost burst into tears every time I heard it. Even now it always brings about an emotional response whenever I hear it. I can honestly say that it is one of the 10 most influential songs on my life and my decision in becoming a composer/songwriter. Even the music invokes feelings of sadness and lonliness.
Well done.


02-07-2002, 03:20 PM
dear coz,
if your into hearing a slighly hiphop/ rock version of that song
there is a cover by the group 58 off of their album "diet for a new america" the song starts off with drum loops and a female singing the first verse- singer steve gibb(son of a barry) sings the 2cnd verse- nikki sixx(of motley fame) sings the spoken passage then all three sing the final verse as it fades out into a drumming instrumental...

the album itself is a little wierd but most stores have it as a cut out and are selling it for 10 dollars."albums seem to suck less when they are cheaper ' the group also features david darling"supposedly a studio engineer for ms apple and ms morrisette" and bucket baker who drummed on the last two michael jackson records>

other songs include the single piece of candy played on radio last year
el paso "A poem by sixx-" and other industrial rock and hiphop infused numbers . if you like it beautiful, if it sucks " my bad"

just wanted to type ya back
c.f.k. "

p.s i felt funny typing the lyrics to "arnold layne"
so I went with good ol gilbert instead

p.p.s. i was also contemplating putting the lyrics to "you'll dance to anything" by the dead milkmen but better judgement prevailed

Cozmo D
02-07-2002, 03:50 PM
Thanx Attrellsyxx, I think I'll check it out.


02-08-2002, 11:22 AM
I know what you guys mean...
I've only heard a few seconds of that song (alone again naturally) from those commercials ... you know, where you order a CD that has a bunch of older songs on it... ;) and I was even moved by that short of a clip.. I don't know why, either. :oops:

05-30-2002, 03:50 PM
from Uncalm by 311

You make me feel uncalm and I think I like it
Make me think of a song that I could not write yet
Melodies create themselves Iím just a conduit
You make my heart accelerate and Iím on to it

For you baby thereís so much that I will do
to be near the sweetness on you
Funny everything seems so new
when with you

On the scales of desire your absence weighs
more than someone elseís presence
I wanna kiss reason goodbye today
I wanna show its purple essence
On your lips baby itíll fade away
return your natural iridescence
On the scales of desire your absence weighs
more than someone elseís presence