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06-06-2002, 03:09 AM
jack was trying to impress this girl but she wouldnt pay him any attention
i suggested to him to get pm dawn to write a song abt this girl
but he said she doesnt know who pm dawn is
well i said why dont you spit some pm dawn lyrics to her, she'll think you came up with them and be impressed..okay jack said and went away

jack came back a few dies later battered and bruised black eye

what the fuck happened to you i said?
well i did as you said

"i went up to this girl..and spat sum lyrics
anyway her brother then proceeded to bash me up" said jack
what lyrics did u say
"when the jizz hits ur face it freqs me out"

oh shit wrong choice of lyrics..why dont you choose something else

okay he said and went away

a week passes
havent seen jack around

anyway finally shows up

where the fuck have you been

"well i did as you said and spat sum diff. lyrics" anyway ive spent the last few days in jail! and had to front a judge..now the girl has got a restraining order on me!"
"should have told the judge to look at you through patient eyes"
"well fuck, what did you say to her!"

You got me sneaking in the back door
just so I can be with you.
Crawling in the window
just so I can be with you.
Hiding in the closet
just so I can be with you.
Anything for you.

bad choice again..why dont you choose a nice slow pm dawn ballad..and hopefully you can sort things out

so jack goes away
comes back a few days later

how did it go?
the lyrics worked?
like a charm!
so your going out with this chick then?
no ive got a date with her brother!
what the fuck?
well i sang to her more than likely
she didnt like it..but her brother was moved to tears
it seems girls that hit on his sister arent the only people he used to bash
anyway he was so moved by the lyrics hes turned and we are going out on saturday

well this girl soundz fine im gonna go spit sum lyrics to her myself

few days pass

jack: so where you been
drug rehab clinic!
what the fuck happened?
well i spat sum lyrics
and she though i was on drugs
what'd you say?
in the prsence of mirrors i came face to face with you which is me which is me
she was so concerned she made sure i got sum help for my problem..

okay jack im gonna make one more attempt
few days later

so what happened
well i spat sum more pm dawn lyrics
i said ill be waiting for you even if it takes you all of your life
what'd she say?

for a lifetime, whats a lifetime, if you love me

06-06-2002, 11:07 AM
lolololol :rock: -syxxpm

06-06-2002, 06:34 PM
:umm: stanley did it!

DJ Detroit Butcher
06-07-2002, 09:25 PM
pretty clever. pretty clever