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04-05-2005, 04:44 PM
Man I am tired of being tired. I went to the Ashlee Simpson concert last night. Thats not why I am tired.

I supposedly have over due bills that I owe money but I have paid people the money I have already owed. I supposedly have not paid any of my bills in 4 months. That is crazy. I randomly get stopped by cops telling me that I need to pay my bills as if they have been scoping me out. Since when do cops have the jurisdiction to tell you to pay your bills. I mean a traffic stop or a random occurance where a cop is in a parking lot and asks you to come here for no reason. If a cop asks you to stop and talk to him for no reason he should be a rrested for breaking the law and wasting my FUCKING TIME. I supposedly do not have any car insurance either. I thinnk that is very funny considering I have gotten my car registered. My account has been frozen much longer since my car got registered. I have 2005 Mustang. Crazy huh.

More importantly this thing with my job at Six Flags. I went for stupid orientation and boy I tell you. I was told at first you can bring wendy's lunch in.....a few lines later I was told you can only bring it in a brown paper sack. Then a moment later the cordinator tells us we can't go off the park grounds during lunch to get wnedy's but we can still eat wnedy's as long as it is in a brown paper bag. *wiping sweat of my forehead*

Six Flags is trying to make this like a freakin school yard before even getting hired. It is crazy. I am not sure they want me back as of now because I told my manager who is a lessee of the park. That I am not working for six flags I am working for YOU. Why Do I need to go to orientation class when my job has nothing to do with anything in the orientation course. My passing a stupid test has nothing to do with my job at all. I have been in the park before back in 1998 when I was working for JPM Productions and we did not have to go through any courses for this shit. I got in the park easy as a worker for this LESSEE. They think they've got ya when you have to have a id badge and stupid parking decal. I do not at all think that it is necessary to even have a parking decal or a badge for that matter. WHy?? Well there are security personel that are there to check people if they are employees or not. And it is not as if this is some governmental warden. WHo the hell wants to go there and control the rides anyways. SOMEONE CAN GET HURT I SWEAR. It seems as of late anyways that people have been infiltrating jobs that THEY HAVE NO TRAINING IN AT ALL. when I show up to begin with. Like a sound editor with no knowledge of musical aesthetic or how to operate the program any better than a 2 year old. So talk about a security breach. It is happening all over the fucking planet with these idiots. I was in jail and there was several security breaches with FAKE COPS in Tallahassee Florida. THANK YOU......

OH REAL GOOD........Fucking chicken littles with there nasty fatness BIGGEE SIZE IT MUTHA FUCKERS....... The reason for us not being able to bring wendy's is because they would want some of our fucking lunch. "HELL NAAAWW....I WANT SOME FRIES." Get your fucking own muthafucka. "I don't get to have wendy's today so if I can't have wendy's no one can." WHo says you can't have wendy's go and buy it. Little babies.

04-06-2005, 10:25 AM
Hey filmz,

I believe this is not the first time you vented over financial trouble. Have you seen a finance counselor or something? I think you should.