View Full Version : My experiences as of late.

03-28-2005, 02:17 PM
Well.....I have probably bought my 30th porno last night......and I noticed the 1980's style of these meat head muscle guys and these frizzy haired blonde chicks in their thirties. These people aren't even in their 20's. Well.....I am sorry....thats not attractive. I like my women young and without wrinkled skin like they have been in the sun for an eternity. Well might I suggest barely legal. A great series. Oh yeah.....if you notice that the man is got a farmers tan. They're gay. Oh and the ladies too. People don't get a tan where their tits are bleached white but the rest of the body is tan. Basically a bad tan line. SOOOO 80's. I watched a scene in another video where the guy says "OWWW!!!!" When he ejaculated on the woman. Crazy gay. I guess for some people pain is love.

Oh I HAAAATTTEEEEE curly long HAIR thats a little frizzy these women who use aresol spray cans to gel their hair......that is sooooooo trailer trash.......I am into beautiful straight long flowing hair like those girls in the 1970's. Where is marcia brady when you need her.