View Full Version : King Arthur Director's Cut

01-22-2005, 11:04 AM
Have you seen this yet?
Artimus and Sarmatians come alive on the screen. Ancient history w/out the bs. The director and writer did their homework plus. The movie goes beyond the tales told to the French kings and their hedonistic court. Get ready for the truer version of Arthur and watch this flic.
HOT! From the storyline to cast/crew/director, Fuqua, the extras(DVD), and sound, Arthur is a powerful movie. The roundtable convo. is intriguing. The research and history lesson in this one is not heavy handed, but interesting. If you've seen the movie, what do you think of the Saxon ideas of purity? Eventually, the Saxons hooked up with the Angles (AngloSaxons) and English is the most mixed language. How is that for irony and doesn't God have a great sense of humor. ;)
Oh, the cinematography is cool. Ladies, the ruggedly handsome guys are to drool over. Keira Knightly is at her best guys. Same costume designer, Penny Rose, as "The Pirates of the Caribbean," yet Fuqua rises above in the look on his film. (What's up with that eyeliner in Pirates? Way too much smudginess and not enough gritty realism.) As far as action flics go, Arthur is up there with "The Last Sumerian."
Fuqua is no slouch; the man is a PRO. Now wouldn't it be cool to see him team up with Be on a music video? Remember his work in Coolio's Gangsta Paradise? Hmmmmmmmmmmn.