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01-06-2005, 12:01 PM
so I managed to get an interview with a big network security company...and kinda blotched the phone screening for a senior level network analyst.

I was able to tell the chick interviewing me what this *simple* shit means

TCP A picks an initial sequence number (A_SEQ) and sends a segment to B containing: SYN_FLAG=1, ACK_FLAG=0, and SEQ=A_SEQ.
When TCP B receives the SYN, it chooses its initial sequence number (B_SEQ) and sends a TCP segment to A containing: ACK=(A_SEQ+1), ACK_BIT=1, SEQ=B_SEQ, SYN_FLAG=1.
When A receives B's response, it acknowledges B's choice of an initial sequence number by sending a dataless third segment containing: SYN_FLAG=0, ACK=(B_SEQ+1), ACK_BIT=1, SEQ=A_SEQ+1(data length = 0).
Data transfer may now begin.
but I couldn't name off the A B C IP class ranges

A 1-126 (127 reserved)
B 128-191
C 192-223

and I work with this shit everyday lolugh

I feel like a damn moron haha, but they did put me down for an interview for the next available security analyst slot, since aparently I suck at networking in the mornings after 13 hours of playing with that shit all night :rolleyes: .

01-06-2005, 12:28 PM
Chin up; it was good practice. Maybe for something better. Ya, never know.
Job hunting can be a tough ordeal.
Stay strong.
(I had no idea about any of that stuff you just reeled off SH.)