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09-09-2004, 09:46 AM
It's been too long since i checked the pm dawn online, but oke, you invited me and i don't seem to be welcome to open an topic but this welcome room. Sorry for my english, but am dutch.
My only question is: what is the news about the fucked album or any new releases, yes i'll pay Be directley, you're worthy of the money man. So, ask me all the shit you will, mu penissize is the only thing you need not ask, you'll be horrified for his name's O my!
Well tell me or better leave me an email

Pm Dawn wake up

09-09-2004, 10:37 AM
As someone else who recently returned to the forum, welcome back! If you can read the rest of the forum -- if not actually participate yet -- the following may help.

The skinny on F*cked Music, which has it's own topic:


Shortform: It's over. No more CDs are being sold, and they haven't been for sale in a very long time. Prince Be, to put it politely, looks down on file sharing and would rather not hear that it's happening. There are occasional sparks of hope, but please either search through old posts for details or wait until Be brings it up. (And, no, I never got a copy either, so I feel your pain.)

The skinny on the latest album:


Shortform: Not yet released, not yet available for pre-order.

The skinny on Prince Be:


Shortform: :cry: